Types of SEO and SEO techniques to avoid for Black Hat

What is Black Hat SEO

As an SEO specialist, you must be aware of the four different types of SEO. These four types make up for almost all the activities and tasks that are performed under the SEO tag. While the ulterior motive – to earn greater visibility in search results – remains the same, the practices and style of obtaining the goal changes according to the type of SEO.

Following are the four types of SEO:-

● White hat SEO techniques are the ones that follow the rules of Google Webmaster and take slightly longer than other methods. SEO experts use SEO Audit and analysis tools to check website issues. The cost incurred in this method is also higher than the other techniques. The risk involved in this technique, however, is significantly low and it also provides strong value over time.

● Black hat SEO will give you the best results in a short period of time and will also reduce the cost incurred. However, it comes along with risk as the practitioner does not adhere to the guidelines set by Google. The account can be suspended and all the progress can be hampered in case action is taken for breaking the rules.

● Grey hat SEO refers to the grey area between black and white hat SEO techniques. It is the middle ground where calculated risks are taken in order to achieve the results faster than white hat SEO.

● Negative SEO, as the name suggests, is a negative form of SEO used to hamper other websites. This technique is a combination of black and grey hat SEO techniques and is used to cause harm to other websites.

The major difference between these four types is the process followed, the time taken for results to be obtained, cost, risk, and the value at the end of the campaign.

Black Hat SEO has gained immense popularity very quickly, as it can deliver quick results for the clients. However, it comes with an abundance of risk and even if there are no rules to be followed there are a few steps that can reduce the risks involved. Following are a few SEO techniques that must be avoided while adopting Black Hat SEO.

5 SEO techniques that must be avoided while using Black Hat SEO

Keyword Overload

Gone are the times when keyword stuffing would qualify as an activity that would be used to rank the website higher. Including all your keywords in the content would deem it potentially unreadable for the users. Google cracked down on this technique as the result would not help the user with their query. If you still practice keyword stuffing, then you must either change your SEO service or ask them to drop the idea immediately.

Content Scraping

This activity refers to using content from the RSS feed of other websites, especially ones with a full-text RSS feed. This will put your content under the splogs (spam blogs) category and will be picked up by Google immediately. They will instantly penalize this type of content, which does not leave any positive of using this technique. In any case, if you wish to use content from other websites, you can use canonical links which will direct Google to the original content.

Cloaking or Hidden text

Creating an identical cloak for your content so that the viewer sees a different aspect and the search engine an entirely different one is known as cloaking. For example, a visitor on your website might see an image, while the search engine crawler will see the hidden links and HTML text. This is a common Black Hat SEO technique used to incorporate keywords without the visitor knowing about it. Even if it sounds like a plan, you must avoid this, as Google can track the decoy image and your content might get flagged.

Doorway Pages

As a website owner and/or an SEO expert you would want multiple viewers on your website. You would also want them to visit as many pages on your website as possible. In a bid to increase the numbers, a few experts resort to Black Hat SEO techniques like doorway pages. These pages simply lead the user to another page on your website and build more links to the destination page. These pages do not add any value or the destination page, and such pages are a pure form of an invitation to penalties.

Link Schemes

Any attempt or practice that is carried out incorrectly in order to artificially increase the search engine ranking falls under Black Hat SEO. Link schemes are one such practice. These are a bundle of links that eventually lead to a money site which encourages the user to make a purchase or subscribe to a package. As all these links are bogus, Google Webmaster can penalize the proprietor. Therefore, making it a practice that one must avoid.


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