How To Optimize Google My Business Listing

How to Optimize Google My Business Listing

The first and one of the most important steps in the SEO setup for any company or business is registered for Google’s My Business (GMB) Listing. You must claim and verify your listing. When you are running an SEO system, the most important factor is to be recognised by Google and its different services. Once you are registered and verified for the GMB listing, your business will start showing up in Google’s Local Finder, Google Maps, Local Pack, and other organic rankings.

If your business qualifies to be a local business, you can claim the GMB listing and enter general information like the address, phone number, email address, business hours, modes of payment accepted and so on. Not just this, in the past years Google has also gone on to add a few new features to their GMB listing, which can help in increasing the local rankings as well as get more attention from users.

If you haven’t already done this, start off by claiming your Google My Business Listing so that you can benefit from the content that follows.

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If you have claimed the business and forgotten about it, you are not alone. However, this is not the best practice to follow. The extent to which a Google My Business Listing can help you is endless, and the more you benefit from this service, the better it is for your business. There are many other features that are associated with GMB that can further enhance your listing. At the same time, to benefit you must update your details regularly. Google loves businesses that are active on their portal and feed the correct information constantly. It’s like Google loves a good, diligent student! If you are one, you are sure to get brownie points.

However, if you have registered by now or have done it in the past, here’s is how you can optimize your Google My Business Listing;

Complete all the actions

Filling in all the information in Google My Business Listing can be a little exhausting. However, this information is for your business and you are going to reap the benefits of all the efforts taken today. When you are filling information do not leave anything unfilled, complete all the actions asked by Google and only then think of moving onto something else. Warning, if you do not fill this information yourself, Google opens the option for “suggest an edit”, which allows others to edit as Google does not consider your information to be complete and accurate. These changes do not just work as a ‘suggestion’ they can actually be taken and set live, which is why it is also important to keep a regular check on the GMB dashboard. When you see an unwanted changed, you can simply go back to the original by clicking on the “back to GMB classic” option on your dashboard.

My Business posts

Just filling up the information and checking whether it has been tampered or not, is not enough. You need to treat this as another ‘social media’ platform for your business. My business posts are as important as the promotional posts you will be making on Instagram and Facebook. If you are not sure about what to post just stick to the basics. Add a simple image about your latest activity or post with a CTA and you are good to go. Additionally, you do not need to post everyday, just make sure you have timely updates of whatever you believe could attract users to your business. With the importance that emojis have gained, some people are making google searches with emojis and Google is accepting it. You can add an emoji, associated with your business, to your description or post and you shall benefit from it too.

Booking button

If your business allows people to book an appointment or a table with you, and you add the booking button to your Google My Business Listing, there is nothing like it. This can really help your business stand apart from the others. Viewers love having everything at one place, they do not want to make a phone call or switch to another app, after making a Google search, just to book. Google has a few supported scheduling providers. If you are tied up with one of them, a booking button is automatically added to your GMB listing.


A Google My Business Listing is not just about getting your business out there for the customers to view, they can also interact with you. Interested individuals can also send you text messages on the registered mobile number. If you do not want these text messages coming straight to your phone, you could also use the Google Allo app. This will streamline your messages received from Google My Business Listing separately from your personal messages.


Moving on from being a lot about the right text and information, everyone and everything has gained a lot more pictorial value. This has made it important for businesses to include a few pictures in their GMB listing. Viewers want to see these photos; they also add a necessary value improving the listing of the business on Google.

Optimize your Google My Business and become more visible to your target audience, contact us if you are looking to leverage the power of Google My Business.


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