6 Tips for Writing Great Landing Page Content

Writing Landing Page Content

If there is anything that works as the face of your website, it is your landing page. Most users will stay on your website if your landing page has content that gets their attention. These pages can work as the best conversion tools as everyone that comes on these pages is coming with a motive in mind. These viewers are not on the portal to browse around, they have been redirected from a page as they click on a link that led to this landing page. This makes them key visitors to the website and makes it important for you to grab them.

Great content and design of a landing page can do wonders one would not imagine it could. This does not take a lot of effort and can reap a mountain of benefits when done right. However, doing it right is the key and that is what this blog talks about.

Best tips on writing great landing page content;

1. It’s all about the headline

When someone visits your website and they see an extremely catchy and quirky headline, half your job is done. Their attention has been caught and now all you need is a fulfilling copy that leads them to where you want them to go. Also, when someone comes on your landing page they aren’t reading, they are simply skimming through the content. Yes, this makes your job a lot more difficult, but it also helps if you can get their attention while skimming. That is exactly what a strong headline can do. The headlines need to be big and clear as well as explain the value of achievement the viewer will receive if they pay attention. Evernote does a great job with the headline – “Remember Everything”. It is great because it explains the entire business and purpose in two words, while also letting you know why you are on their website.

2. Focus on the benefits

When you oversimplify things for the viewer they tend to take a backseat. You can hit the right nerve, when you simplify it for them but still leave them with a question, “what next?” Putting all your attention and focus on features or solutions does not do a great deal for your landing page. The customers want to know what it is that they must expect from your product and what is it that will make it standout from the others. As mentioned before, the landing page content must be simple, focus on the benefits, but it must also explain the value to the customer. Use plain language, but work on the sentence construction and formation of the website. Do not stick to fancy words or complex sentences, if a customer does not understand it, it is useless.

3. Minimalist design

A complex design for your landing page might impress the designer as they have put in the effort, but it is not going to do anything for your website. The simpler and cleaner the landing page, higher are the chances of people spending more time on it and actually engaging with the content. The design supports content majorly, always remember, simplicity is key.

4. Call-to-action

The ulterior motive, ultimate goal, golden button, whatever you call it, clicking this button is what you want from the customers at the end of the day. The pivotal part of setting up a CTA button is preventing it from getting lost. Under any circumstance, one cannot afford for the CTA button to be lost while the customer is skimming through the content. Even if they take a glance they must know the call to action button and get an eye on it. Which is why, the copy around your CTA is the most important copy. Small changes to the copy can have a huge impact on what’s happening with the call to action button. A/B testing can help you determine what works best.

5. Solution-based headlines

Your headlines need to be an answer to the problem that the customer has when they are coming to your landing page. For example, if a customer is interested in watching a TV series, you headline could be as simple as: “Sign up now, and watch”. This headline can work wonders because it is simple, has value, solves the problem as well as guides the user to the CTA button. Bringing complexity in the headlines or any content will not help the user, even if the headline is simple, it will work as long as it does the right job.

6. Short and gone

Gone are the days when we stuck to the formula of “short and sweet” when it came to landing page content. The landing page now requires you to write a lot more content and increase the length of the page. People love scrolling on websites and are usually disappointed if they cannot find readable content. The increased length of landing pages works in your favour as it gives you more freedom of expression and allows you to showcase other products as well. Now that you have more space, you can also give the customers a guide on how your product or service can solve their problem. They absolutely love “how to” pages.

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