6 Proven Ways to Optimize Websites For ‘Near Me’ Searches

optimize website for near me searches

While getting absorbed in the compelling SEO world and keeping up with the newest developments we usually forget the basics. Optimizing website for Near Me Searches is one such step that a few businesses, unfortunately, leave out of their SEO plan. These little mistakes often end up affecting the business substantially. If you are the one who has missed out on ‘near me’ search optimization, this is a reminder; and, now that we are on it, let us help you out with the most efficient ways of optimizing your website for ‘near me’ searches.

If you’re getting an audience from different parts of the world then missing out on the ‘near me’ can actually help you transform leads into customers, you could be missing out on a major chunk of business and profits by just missing on this one.

What are ‘Near Me’ Searches

Before we get into the details on how to optimize the website for ‘near me’ searches let us get to know what they are and how to work.

As the name suggests, these searches are based on users trying to find something near them. For example, “restaurants near me”. If your website is optimized for these searches and you are in a similar location as the user then your website/business will show up in the search.

Need for ‘Near Me’ Search Optimization

There has been a significant rise in the rise of keyword + near me searches by users since the high dependency on mobile phones for online searches. According to a report by Google, the interest in ‘near me’ searches has increased 34 times since 2011.

This is enough reason for you to optimize website for near me searches. After all, a better ranking and visibility in most searches is all that we want.

How to optimize your website for ‘Near Me’ Searches

Apart from a few minor changes here and there, ‘near me’ optimization is very similar to local search optimization.

Here are some proven ways.

1. Mobile Website for Business

If you do not have a mobile compatible website, then you must probably forget about optimizing ‘near me’ searches. Precisely, it is impossible to optimize without a mobile website. This is the first and the most basic step for this process. With the maximum searches now coming from mobile phones, it is of utmost importance to practice mobile optimization. Additionally, with the popularity of voice search and mobile-indexing being introduced by Google, there is a larger scope with mobile optimization.

2. Update the Google Business Listing

If you are entering the market for ‘near me’ searches you must also make sure that you dominate them. Furthermore, if you are thinking along the same lines, you must update the Google business listing for your business. More importantly, you must make sure that this information is correct and is up-to-date. Improper information could lead to negative reviews and you could get flagged by Google.

3. Information Consistency

Along with listing on Google business listing and getting the information correct, you must also focus on maintaining the consistency of information fed online. NPA+W consistency is important. NPA+W refers to Name, Phone, Address, + Website. This information will be uploaded on multiple forums; hence, it is important for maintain impeccable consistency. If this information is inconsistent, Google could get confused about the authenticity of information.

4. Do not hide Reviews and Ratings

Once you are listed in the ‘near me’ searches, the next step for a user is to place their eyes on the reviews and ratings for your business. The more positive reviews and ratings your business has the higher are the chances of the user choosing you. Encourage your customers to give you feedback on Google along with the ratings. As for the negative comments, you must reply to them offering the customer with a viable solution for the inconvenience faced by them.

5. Earn Backlinks

Backlinks can help your SEO performance overall, with the primary focus being on ‘near me’ optimization. Backlinks are seen as a trust vote for your business by Google. High-quality backlinks can build prominence for your website on Google and help your search ranking as well. Only building and earning backlinks with the help of geographical anchors can help in optimizing for ‘near me’ searches.

6. Build Local Citations

Building local citations on high authority websites is another recommended step in optimizing your website for ‘near me’ searches. Local citation simply refers to mention your NPA+W on high authority websites. These citations can spread awareness and increase the CTR for your website.


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