10 Best Free Online SEO Tools

Free SEO Tools to Use Everyday

Tools, for every profession and activity, play an extremely integral role. They give you the ability to perform tasks that would not be possible. Not the just, they also enhance and add a much-needed perfection to the tasks at hand. If we weren’t introduced to tools, we would be doing everything at a pace that would be much slower.

No matter what the context or field of task performance, tools hold uptight importance. While performing SEO activities it is the tools that allow us to complete the task at hand, and to complete it efficiently. Imagine a day without your most favored tools – nightmare.

The SEO world is packed with performance-enhancing tools. Here is a list of some of the hottest free SEO tools one must try!

1. Ahrefs

One of the most used and sought after tools in the SEO world – Ahrefs is used by most people that own online business. The primary purpose for use of this tool is to improve the overall ranking of the webpage. Additionally, it also boasts a Content Explorer and a Site Explorer which search for the most popular content on the web and analyze backlinks respectively. They also have a tool that helps with keyword research.

2. Browseo

Ever wanted a tool that allows you to view your website through the eyes of a search engine? This SEO tool does just that. It gives you the exact view of how your website would look if a search engine were looking at it. It gives you a bare-bone view of your website allowing you to see the hierarchy that has been allocated to all the elements.

3. Copyscape

One thing you do not want on your website is plagiarised content. If any plagiarised content is found by search engine crawlers it is easy for your business to get flagged on Google. Copyscape is a free online tool that helps you detect plagiarism in your content. Not only is unique content important, but it also helps in ranking the website higher among search engines.

4. Remove’em

The anchor text at risk of over optimization is highlighted by this tool, it also creates a report helping you understand the anchor text diversity better. In some cases, over-optimization can lead to algorithmic penalties for your website for that particular anchor text.

5. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is an easily accessible SEO tool that aids in fetching key online elements and enabling you to export data on excel, thereby becoming a base for SEO recommendations. It works well in analyzing large sites as checking all the pages manually can be a labor-intensive task.

6. SEMRush

This tool is not entirely free, but it allows you to make 10 free searches upfront which can give you an idea of the need for this tool. The keyword difficulty tracker is a prominent features as it allows you to track the difficulty levels involved in ranking your keyword.

7. Surfer

One of the most powerful SEO tools, this tool compares all the pivotal on-page factors to 40+ top websites on the internet. It completes the breakdown of top websites in seconds for you to compare and understand the difference between progress made by you and yoompetition.

Tools by Google

8. Google AdWords Keyword Planner

A tool developed by Google is going to be a beneficial one more often than not. This tool enables access to the volumes of monthly searches for a particular keyword. Additionally, calculating the spends via advertising links, it also gives you insight on the competition quotient for the market. Referring suggested terms to used along with your keyword is another key contribut2on of this tool.

9. Google Search Console

A highly recommended tool by most SEO experts – Google Search Console primarily brings to you information on queries that drive users to the site. It also helps in analyzing the site’s clicks, impressions, and position on Google Search. You also get email updates when an issue pops up on your site. For brownie points, you can email Google once the i2sue has been resolved.

10.Google Analytics

A tool by Google that makes a life for SEO individuals a lot easier. This tool tracks the website’s traffic including time spent on certain pages by users, the number of users on websites and so forth. It also helps individuals build reports for this data on their website.

These free SEO tools should bring instability and ease to your SEO tasks subsequently focusing on the improvement in ranking and overall performance of the website.

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