10 Best SEO Extensions for Google Chrome You Must Have

10 must-have Google Chrome Extensions

As an SEO expert, there is an abundance of online tasks that one has to perform on a daily basis. From building the content basket to keeping a check on the website’s functionality – the tasks are endless. However, with the large dependency on technology there are many processes that come to our aid. The web browser extensions are one such boon to the SEO world. They help in organizing and completing the tasks are a faster rate with fewer worries.

In the expansive market of web browsers, Google Chrome has come out to be one of the top players. It has gained popularity over the past decade and is just a little shy of captivating almost 50% of the internet’s population. With such a strong grasp over the audience on the internet, it is safe to say that Google Chrome is the most widely used web browser.

Following are a few extensions for Google Chrome that can help make life easier for SEO individuals.


SEOquake Chrome Extention

One of the more popular Google Chrome extensions – SEOquake is an all-rounder that can serve the purpose of multiple extensions. It covers integral metrics such as Alexa rank, Bing Index, Google Index and more. Additionally, it can also run complete SEO audit for a webpage, estimate the keyword difficulty, set parameters for such query and much more.


This popular Chrome extension is one of the best tools for a quick site analysis. It works by analyzing the clickstream data offered by different sources on the internet including its own web crawlers. With the help of this data calculator, you can get your hands on some key information on the online performance of a brand. Aspects like a brand’s audience, spends on paid media and the potency of incoming traffic. This extension is available for free use; however, a paid version can get your better results and insights.


A list of popular Google Chrome extensions would be incomplete without the mention of MozBar. It is one of the best players in the markets with regards to its ability to provide one-stop solutions. For starters, you need to download the extension and set up a free account with them. Once everything is in place, you will be introduced to an array of analysis including technical SEO, online content, backlinks and social media engagement. It might slow the pace of a website but you can work by activating it only when required.


There are many cases where we are required to analyse content obtained from different sources. Sitting through multiple webpages and websites can be a tedious task. Using IMPORTXML code is the primary way of pulling out this information in an excel sheet. The Scarper Chrome extension contributes a ton in fastening this process as well as makes it easier. It follows a slightly complex structure; however, the step-by-step guide can help in understanding it better.

Tag Assistant

Google Tag Assistant

This Google Chrome extension might not be the most popular one on the list, but it is extremely useful. It works as a trouble-shooter by verifying installation of Google tags like the ones used for Remarketing and Google Analytics. Tag Assistant’s focal attraction is its ability to analyze the implementation of tracking tags and record sessions. Along with that, it also works well in performing everyday tasks like spot checks to verify tags.

User-agent Switcher

Optimizing our content as per different screen sizes has become important due to the dependency on mobile phones. This activity becomes slightly difficult if it is conducted with a desktop-only approach. A user agent switcher comes in to make life easier in this case. It gives you an idea of how the content would appear on different screen sizes.

Page Analytics

A simple Chrome extension that proves to be extremely useful when you are trying to track down the performance of your page. This Google Chrome extension allows you to go through the Google Analytics data for your own website in real-time. You can surf your website(s) and see the data at the same time through this extension.

Image Size Info

Image Size Info

This simple Chrome extension lets you view image width, height and file size. To use the extension you need to right click on an image and click on the “Image Size Info”. An extension will open in-page popup with the image information.

Awesome Screenshot: Screen Video Recorder

This awesome chrome plugin help SEOs while preparing SEO reports, no more CTRL+ALT+PRTSCN or PRTSCN while making SEO reports. Awesome Screenshot is highest-rated screen capture & image annotation tool on Chrome with more than 2 million users!

Keywords Everywhere

No matter how far we come with the developments in the SEO world, the keywords are holding tight onto their spot. Even if there might be other dependencies and telling factors for a website’s overall performance the importance of keywords hasn’t taken a hit. This Google Chrome extension pulls data from Google Keyword Planner, UberSuggest, and Google Search Console and displays search volumes within result pages. This makes the task of assessing keywords a little easier for SEO professionals.

These eight Google Chrome extensions, fulfilling different purposes, are an absolute necessity for any SEO professional. They work best in saving time and improving the efficiency of performed tasks.


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