Best WordPress SEO Plugins to Optimize Your website

Top WordPress SEO Plugin

Getting a tight grip on the content of your website and blog posts is not easy, especially optimizing it according to the search engine’s liking. Even if you have a talented team of SEO experts, you still need some helping hands to get the optimization on point. This does not hint towards expanding the SEO teams – that’s not it. An easier and more cost-efficient technique is the ideal way ahead.

Yes, we are talking about SEO plugins – everyday superheroes that help you get through your job faster. We have put together a list of some of the best WordPress SEO plugins for your websites.

1. Yoast
A must-have SEO plugin – Yoast SEO is a plugin that covers all the basic requirements of SEO. It is an ideal plugin for blog websites, it takes control of optimizing meta descriptions and enhances the blog posts by improving the readability. Most users install an extra plugin for XML sitemap; however, it is a part of the Yoast SEO plugin so there is no need to install an additional plugin.

2. All in One
All in One plugin is known to us as the common alternative for Yoast; however, this SEO plugin was launched before Yoast. It has a strong customer base but is considered to be less user-friendly as compared to Yoast even though it boasts similar features. In the end, it depends on the personal preference of a user.

3. Redirection
Maintaining a strong user experience is an important part of Search Engine Optimization. Broken links are seen as a roadblock for this smooth surfing experience. SEO plugins that enable redirects for broken links, therefore, become extremely important. Redirection plugin is one such plugin that will help you access multiple issues associated with broken links from one place. It allows you to manage the current redirects as well as create new ones.

4. OptinMonster
Google is not fond of websites that have obtrusive pop-up messages or optin forms. They do not allow content that forces the user to subscribe for something on your website. If your concern is lead-generation then you can resort to plugins like OptinMonster. This plugin will increase the subscribers for your email along with adhering to Google’s guidelines. Additionally, it also offers A/B testing, yes/no forms, two-step option forms, and welcome mats.

5. Breeze
Website loading speed is a key factor associated with its overall performance on Google’s ranking system. Caching a website is an important step in increasing the loading speed for the website. Breeze is a free plugin that works well in getting rid of website cache. It is also an easy-to-setup plugin, which means that you can simply install it and get going. Lazy loading and image preloading are other features offered by this plugin.

6. WPtouch
Website SEO is not complete until the website is mobile-friendly. If the website is not optimized for mobile yet, you can use WPtouch to quickly create the mobile theme for your website. This plugin is recommended by Google and can also help you in passing the Google Mobile Test.

7. WP Compress – Image Optimizer
A blog post or website content with no image and just text will not take your website anywhere. Blog posts, especially, require images to increase the readability and allow the user to absorb content. However, images are known to make pages heavier – slowing down the loading process. WP Compress plugin will compress and optimize the images to enable swift loading of the webpage. Additionally, it does not have a negative impact the quality of the images.

8. Auto image tags
Based on the file name of your image, a clean image tag is auto-generated by this plugin. This saves you time as well as gives you a good set of copy for the images. Additionally, the colons, periods, and hyphens are removed by this plugin as well.

9. Akismet
This plugin is one of the most efficient way of dealing with unnecessary comments on your website content or blog posts. Comments by users automatically qualify as content that belongs to your website. Potentially harmful links can also be a part of the comments and hamper the functionality of the website. The Akismet plugin blocks these comments and prevents harmful content from being on the website.

10. SEOPressor
This SEOPressor plugin is ideal for SEO specialists as it gives you a single page description of the most important data for your website. The real reason for the popularity of this plugin is its ability to keep up with the transformations by Google. It has moved from keyword focus to contextual content since transformation by Google.

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