What’s Next in SEO After A Good Ranking? | Search Munky

- Nirali Bhansali

Congratulations, you did it! To build a good ranking with SEO is not a walk in the park. It indeed takes a lot of planning, patience, and persistence to achieve it. Along with making use of the best website analysis tools, one must also keep a track of content that goes on the website. After all, it is a cornerstone for any business. Amongst all this, there is one topic which is rarely spoken of and that is the next step after a good ranking. Yes, there is a lot more to deal and discover in SEO.

Here are the five reasons to continue with SEO even after a good ranking

1) To maintain SEO marketing

According to research by Search Engine Roundtable, SEO marketing can bring in up to an 18 % increase in website ranking and can reduce it to 30%, if taken lightly. Continued marketing will potent your SEO game and bring in more and more traction to your website. This will ensure Google that your website is lively and has a good amount of engagement. When that happens, Google will automatically favor your website over other websites or it can be vice versa, depending on the decision you make.

2) To regularly check user search activity

Users these days surf through google with a time crunch on their plate. Their patience has reduced and expectations have increased. In such times, SEO marketing becomes a must-have tool to understand their ever-changing needs and provide them with exactly what their requirements are. Keywords play a major role in increasing website traffic. People use different keywords for the same content. For example, Home loans are also called Housing loans. Keeping a track of the most used keywords helps you rule the rank.

3) To safeguard the online reputation

Online reputation for any business, big or small is equally important. One negative comment, one false claim, or one wrong step is all it takes to tarnish its reputation to an unexpected level. With more and more consumers speaking up on social media about their brand experiences and feedback, it is mandatory to keep a track of the communication that goes by about your business. SEO marketing keeps you updated to immediately take action against any consumer concerns that might bring the brand image at stake.

4) To keep up with changing algorithms

The biggest threat these days are the changing algorithms of not just social media but also Google. This is done to stay away from fake people that dwell in illegal practices to increase their google ranking. With each Google algorithm change, you must update your SEO marketing techniques, or the new algorithm may affect your rankings. Along with using free website audit tools, you must be ready to adapt to the changing algorithms whenever they come across your website for Google to crawl through it without any hindrance.

5) To not lose your patience

Four months and still the engagement rate of your website is the same even with a good ranking? Yes, this can happen. A website needs crawling on a frequent basis. With a cut down on SEO marketing efforts, the website becomes inactive and reduces its chances of being indexed. The fact that your page didn’t get crawled, can fade away the traction it receives. There are billions of pages on the internet, so to expect your site to get indexed as soon as you make a change, is nearly impossible. In such cases, one must not lose their patience and restart the SEO marketing process.

Tinkering with your existing website content before it shows its magic, will lead to some unexpected implications. On the other side, if you haven't seen any progress even after months of tuning, it's time to reassess your approach. In every instance, SEO marketing comes to your aid in identifying the adjustments or actions that the website must engage in order to retain the cape of good ranking in a competitive market.