What Is Search Engine Optimization? | Search Munky

- Kaushal Mallya

A website requires its share of promotion. Every brand advertises itself in order to gain attention and views. SEO achieves a similar purpose, except that it is completely organic, and involves no paid promotion. It is the practice of curating and fine-tuning the content of a website such that it appears higher up on Google's Search Engine Result Pages.

Of course, that isn't the extent of the topic. There are many ways in which SEO is practiced in order to achieve the ultimate objective of exposing a website to a greater audience. Sounds complicated? It's not at all! It's as easy as running a few instructions through an SEO checker Online! Here are the most effective and popular SEO techniques!


Content is king. In order to achieve promising SEO results, your content needs to be top notch. The most relevant keywords must be incorporated based on the right genre and your target audience. Selecting the right keywords requires careful planning and research. Shifting aside from keywords, even your secondary content must be intelligent, resourceful and articulate. Make your content your priority SEO practice.



Is your website reliable and trustworthy? Show your backlinks to prove it. The more backlinks your website has, the higher the credibility, which is a metric Google's algorithm rates very highly in terms of its SERP ranking. This is the reason every SEO practitioner stresses on the importance of a good backlink strategy. Backlinks are links leading to your website from external websites and webpages.


Ever wondered why image heavy websites get so much attention from Google Spiders? This is due to the presence of Alt tags. These add a hyperlink to images on a website. Google's SERPs love graphics, especially interlinked graphics, and so do viewers. The easier it is for them to understand the content on the screen, the better. This is the reason alt tags get so much traction across the Internet. Make this a part of your SEO toolkit!



Would you persist with a website that is laggy, has a slow refresh rate, and is difficult to navigate? No you wouldn't. Google doesn't either. The quicker a website's response rate is, the better are its chances of getting a higher rank. Users simply don't have the patience to discover how to navigate through a website. Unless it is crisp and clear, you might as well not create one. Your website must be neat, aesthetically appealing, and informative.


Good health is maintained only through regular checkups. Similarly, your website can only be in tip-top condition through regular auditing. There exist several SEO audit tools that can examine the SEO quality of your website and give you constructive feedback, right from a coherent keyword strategy to a competitor's backlink analysis. What's more, they are free! Conduct a free SEO audit to be on top of the trends amongst your target markets.


These steps can ensure that your SEO game is strong. Remember that there is nothing better than organic SEO for a good Google SERP ranking!