Top 5 benefits of using automated tools for SEO | Search Munky

- Kaushal Mallya

The Internet has become all powerful. People barely rely on their own knowledge and research any more. Google is tasked to do the hard yards, and why not? The world of SEO is just the same.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it is one of the most important techniques for website content management. It involves curating the content on your website in order to increase the likelihood of it appearing higher up on Google's result pages.

SEO has become invaluable to the website planning process, to the extent that there are several SEO tools that examine your website's credibility and potential to be tracked by Google's notorious Spiders, the Web crawlers. This is the Holy Grail. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages that SEO Tools can provide in a jiffy, way better than manual labour!


There exist several SEO checkers on the Internet that you can employ to reap maximum rewards and maximise resources. You can also keep an eye on the strategies that work for your competitors and capitalise on any trending topics or keywords. Studying your competition is essential to effective strategizing.


You can also study the backlinks of your competition, the sources and the credibility of these websites. Backlinks refer to the links from one website to another, usually citing them as references. The more credible the backlink sources, the higher of a SERP (Search Engine Result Page) score your website is likely to get.


Keyword strategy is the golden key to unlocking the full potential of your website. A thoughtful, resourceful keyword plan, will ensure that your content is created with its best interests with regards to its Google ranking in mind. The best SEO Analysis Tools can create a plan for you, based on your brand and website information. It takes into account how frequently there have been mentions of your keywords, how recently, and how many.


If you weren't aware, you are now. Even free SEO checkers will provide you with a detailed analysis of your target audience based on competitive analysis and information that you feed into it, right from demographics, psychographics and their Google search patterns. Just a click and you'll have all the information you need hassle-free.


SEO Tools provide you with an alternative that is not only more competent than a tired human brain, but umpteen times more efficient. This itself will save you hours and hours of research, and time is money. What's more, it literally saves you money as it is free! You can leave every aspect of the strategy to the algorithm and get good results all at your leisure!

Knowledge is power and SEO Tools can help you get that knowledge. It is an easy-to-use productivity hack, and only leads to good results. If your brand aims to be there at the top, you’ll definitely need SEO Tools.