- Kaushal Mallya

Keywords : Free website audit tool

Google is an easy nut to crack. What it likes and dislikes in a website are well documented. You have your task cut out for you, however, in maintaining your efforts to cater to Google's taste, or to avoid getting tempted by black hat tactics. It has a set of key factors that every website must incorporate if it aspires to be at the top of Google's SERPs. Any online SEO checker will tell you if your website lacks these traits.

However, you must remember that these factors aren't the be all and end all of ranking criteria. Even more importantly, creativity and freshness of content must be alloyed with Google's prerequisites to create a website in alignment with Google's preference. Let us list out these key characteristics of good websites for you!

Keyword strategy is the fund that will sustain your bid for a high Google SERP ranking. You need to have a carefully crafted keyword plan to ensure your website content includes a set of keywords commonly searched in your market segment, keeping Google's preference and ranking in mind. Any free website audit tool can create a plan for you, based on your brand and website information. Relevance, recency and popularity are three main elements it takes into consideration to devise a strategy for you to increase traffic, and Google's attention to your website.


The more navigable your website is, and the faster it responds to requests, the more likely it is to be popular with Google. Google's spiders check the response rate and navigability through menus of websites, and come up with a navigability score that affects the overall ranking of a website. Do not neglect this one.


Backlinks are how Google determines credibility. The more backlinks your website has, to and from other websites, the more trustworthy and credible your website is deemed to be, and hence, will end up higher on the SERPs. Your backlinks, however, must be to and from highly credible websites as that in turn earns you credibility in Google's books! Always cite sources and give credit to other pages where due.


Always remember to add Alt Tags to the pictures you upload to your website. What is an Alt Tag you ask? It is simply a link you embed into the picture, usually to another website or source. This is important because images with high quality and credibility are examined by Google and are considered factors beneficial to a website's ranking.


This one has a dual effect. When Google spots content that is fresh and unique, it gives you priority, which is exactly how the odd consumer who reads your content would react. As mentioned before, no one wants to read adulterated or repetitive content. Freshness, uniqueness, and resourcefulness of content hold the key to favorable Google analysis. Plagiarism is strongly frowned upon by Google's spiders, who will blacklist your website.

Make sure your website includes these elements, and then let your creative brain take over! Your page will certainly make it to the top of Google's SERPs and get prodigious traffic!