Steps To Perform A Fast Seo Audit Of Your Website | Search Munky

- Kaushal Mallya

Auditing your website is necessary, as your website health is at stake. An audit is like a trip to the doctor for a biannual health checkup (Think more frequent). Without a periodic review of your website's crucial components, it's optimum functionality will be compromised. All you have to do is conduct a free website audit to make sure it has everything it needs to prosper on Google's SERPs, and among your audience.

It is as easy as 1, 2 and 3 to get a quick website audit. However, you need to know what you want your website to be, as the SEO Audit Tool can construct its feedback accordingly. Here is what you need to prioritize and how to go about getting an SEO audit of your website.


As easy as pie. There are thousands of good free SEO checkers available online for you to take your pick from. However, some provide a more complete set of services than others. Keep an eye out for a more comprehensive SEO checker in comparison to others. This checker will guide you through all the various elements of a website audit, and how to go about doing it.


Your website will not get traffic if it is not navigable and efficient. This is why Web designers pay so much attention to the UI/UX of a website. An unappealing appearance and lack of navigability through menus will put people off instantly. Get your website UI efficiency checked with your website audit, as Google ranks well designed websites higher as a reward.


This is cliché, but very true. Relevance and resourcefulness. These are the two tenets of website content so as to get Google's seal of approval for your website. The more information your content provides and the more relevant it is to your website topic, the better it is. The algorithm is such that any content that seems unrelated or disjoint from the topic such as ads or disruptive keyword stuffing, is flagged by Google's spiders.


Consult the SEO checker for all the SEO tips and tricks. Make sure your keyword strategy is on point and in accordance with the latest trends in your genre. Your alt tags are essential, so is the density of images on your website.


People grow impatient in the blink of an eye in today's digital age. With the number of options at their disposal, a slow and laggy website is the last thing they will tolerate. Time is money. Always ensure that your website is optimally fast. A website audit will give you all the information and feedback you need to improve response speed and refresh rate to the liking of your traffic.


A thorough understanding of the traffic that you drive to your website is exactly what you will need to keep developing your strategy, and is exactly what you will get when you conduct a website audit. Understand what content works and what doesn't, the demographics that are being influenced by your content etc. These form the building blocks of a progressive SEO plan.

Make sure you create a checklist. It is always good to have your priorities in check when carrying out your website audit. Keep these points on your list, and your website is sure to rank high on Google's Search Engine Result Pages!