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- Nirali Bhansali

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“SEO isn't about gaming the system anymore; it's about learning how to play by the rules.” says, Jordan Teicher,Director of content and communications, Cedar. One of the biggest myths about SEO is that it is one of the difficult elements of the digital marketing industry. If you think that is true, let me stop you right there! Just as the above quote, if you abide by the classic SEO norms and use the best website analysis tools , the process is quite simple and interesting. One must know how to pick the right tool for its marketing efforts.

Here are five SEO tools to ease your digital marketing process

1) Google Analytics

A go-to tool that assists in tracking conversions, user behavior, and site traffic. It simplifies the entire process with detailed reports as per the marketer's requirement. It measures factors like transit time and bounce rate to help understand the success of a website design. One can also integrate Google Analytics and Google Ads to keep track of ad success within the platform.

2) Moz link explorer

This might seem to be a new name in your SEO tools dictionary. As many people are ignorant about the features it brings to the table. Moz explorer links are an important aspect of SEO as they allow you to keep track of the links leading to and away from your site. It is a lot more than just link checks. With its paid version one can access tons of other beneficial metrics including link-building opportunities, spam scores, and top-performing content.

3) Woorank

Just as the name suggests, this tool will do its best to 'woo' you. It allows you to track the success of your competing keywords and also your website ranks through reports. Competitive analysis, website evaluations, site crawl analysis, keyword recommendations, marketing checklists, and other essential elements will keep you up to date at all times. It's also useful for keeping a check on your website's competitive SEO data. You can swiftly resolve any flaws or faults that might impact your website's rankings with such thorough reports.

4) Ahrefs

This might be a known tool to a lot of them as it is an excellent SEO and backlink analyzing tool. Many people use this as part of their link-building strategy. Keyword research and tracking, competition analysis, content ideation, and even site audits are all made much easier with it. Because the majority of Ahrefs' functions are geared at pros, many knowledgeable content marketers vouch for it. The tool's user-friendly design, on the other hand, makes it appealing to newcomers.

5) Frase

High ranking is always the end goal for all SEO efforts. The strongest element that aids high ranking are keywords. A potent partner to attain it is Frase, a keyword tool for optimization that enables your content to rank higher in the search algorithm. This AI-driven tool grasps what topics should be your concern to rank first in the search query. This also helps you rate your content and propose high-performing concepts, making it a go-to tool for content creators who want to compose high-ranking content in no time. In addition, it can further scan and evaluate the top-ranked articles on a similar topic to yours, recommending what you should include in your post to build authority and boost ranking.

These tools will simplify your SEO efforts tenfold. However, one thing to bear in mind is that there is no tool that helps you receive instant results in the process. It takes time and patience to reach a level and deliver quantifiable results. You can even use free website audit tools to better understand your current standing and plan for the future.