Role of Artificial Intelligence in SEO | Search Munky

- Riston Rodrigues

Artificial Intelligence, in a nutshell, is the ability of a machine to perform any task equally or more efficiently than any human. It is rapidly impacting the future of almost every industry by acting as the primary element of emerging technologies including robotics and more.


Today, around 75-80% of the companies have adopted AI and reported an effective change in their business. The rapid growth of AI has become the need of the hour in search engine optimization and other online business activities. With AI, companies can improve the accuracy, efficiency and performance of search engine optimization strategies.

Now, let’s focus on the top 3 ways in which AI can boost your SEO

1. Selecting Trending Topics with Right Keywords

To proceed with new content, you will first need to know what are the trending topics in the market that people like to consume. Nowadays, deciding the topics according to the trend is quite difficult as the digital market is a dynamic platform and it keeps changing constantly.

Here’s where AI steps in the game to help you out with the suitable topics along with the relevant and traffic-driving keywords.

AI For Market

With the assistance of these well-researched keywords and topics, your content will be ready to grab the attention of the audience and rank high on the search engine results page.

2. Analyzing and Reviewing New Content

Now that you have your content ready, you will need to analyze and review your content for better performance. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, you can discover the content gaps in your existing content and revise them accordingly.

Artificial Intelligence

Effective AI will also provide you with some additional details that can assist you to make your content more powerful. Examples: potential title tags, recommended word count, semantic analysis summary, and much more!

This AI-driven content will optimize your SEO and help you to make your case in the market.

3. Re-Optimizing old content

Artificial Intelligence not only helps you to optimize your new content but also re-optimize your old content.

There are a lot of company websites that feature dozens of pages thsaant receive almost zero traffic. This means that companies have a lot of content that isn’t driving traffic, leads or revenue.

Artificial Intelligence for driving

A well-organized AI service can assist such companies by re-optimizing their old content (from keywords to title tags) and generating new leads with desirable traffic on the website.

While some Artificial Intelligence services may turn out to be expensive, working with a full-service agency that provides not only SEO services but also content services at an affordable cost can make your job much easier and hassle-free.

This brings us to Search Munky - A free website audit tool that can help you to optimize your website and boost your content on the search engine results page by driving relevant traffic to your website.