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- Taniya Jain

To generate traffic and qualified leads through the company website, it is necessary to understand the impact of Website Analysis tools. By understanding the website's performance, specific performance issues and receiving clear actionable feedback from these tools, you can execute effective marketing campaigns and establish your company's online presence.

Let us understand what Website SEO Analysis is and have a look at some of the best tools.

What Is Website SEO Analysis?

Website SEO Analysis is a report of your website's content, code structure, off-site authority and sums it up with an SEO score. With this score, it compares your web presence to that of your competitors. Multiple factors contribute to your page's ranking such as:

  • → Quality and the length of the web page content.
  • → Presence of quality backlinks on your website.
  • → The loading speed of the web pages on your website.
  • → Presence of social signals pointing back to your site.

However, before you conduct an SEO Analysis on a competitor's website, you need to decide on a baseline score. For this, you need to have SEO Analytics in place for your website. You need to thoroughly gauge your website and marketing strategy before you have a look at your competitor's metrics. The basic information you can track is:

  • → Visits from organic search.
  • → The number and quality of inbound links.
  • → The number of visits per month.
  • → Visit-to-inquiry conversion rate.
  • → Page-to-page keyword densities, speeds and word counts.

Tools For Website SEO Analysis

Website SEO Analysis tools allow you to measure your performance as well as your competition. You can explore the existing opportunities fully to guide your website to its maximum potential with the help of some of the best SEO Analysis tools. Some of these tools are:

  • → Google Search Console

    Google Search Console, previously known as Google Webmaster Tools, is a web service owned by Google that makes your website shine! Whether you are a newbie, developer, SEO expert, business owner or marketer, this free Search Analytics software teaches you all about Website SEO Analysis tools and interfaces. You can enhance the performance of your website by analyzing its search traffic, impressions, clicks, positions and fixing issues.

  • → Search Munky

    Search Munky is an SEO checker online that automates regular activities like on-page SEO, backlink tracking, ranking analysis, and keyword research. It assists in enhancing the SERP position of a website by ensuring that only the most relevant traffic is directed to the site.

  • → KW Finder

    KW Finder provides everything you need to start your ranking journey accompanied by an easy-to-use interface and features. It is trusted by some well-renowned companies like Adidas, Alexa, Airbnb and Skyscanner. It also allows you to find long-tail keywords with less SEO difficulty and thus it is apt for beginners.

  • → Moz Pro

    Any SEO task, you can get it done through Moz Pro! Started as a blog back in 2004, over the years it became a full-fledged platform providing an all-in-one SEO toolkit that consists of keyword research, rank tracking, site crawl, on-page optimization, link research and custom report.

According to research, SEO drives 1000+% more traffic than any organic social media platform, but to reap the benefits of SEO, you need to have in place a complete website SEO analysis to gain this organic traffic.

If you are looking for an SEO checker online, then visit Search Munky, a complete SEO analysis tool where all SEO tasks are performed within the same interface and on the same platform.