Powerful SEO Tools For Bloggers And Small Business | Search Munky

- Taniya Jain

Your SEO strategy is incomplete without a comprehensive analysis and audit. It is important to have a look at what is working and what is not working for your business or blogs. To enhance your SEO strategy, you must use SEO tools that can impact your SEO strategy positively.

Some of these tools are:-

1. Google Analytics

Offered and built by Google, Google Analytics has been a free-of-cost web analytics tool since 2005. It allows blogs and website owners to track and analyze their website traffic. Today, it is one of the many tools offered under the Google Marketing Platform kitty, curated especially for marketers and advertisers to enhance their reach. It helps you to look at the critical data points such as the number of readers that visit your blog each month, the breakdown of new and returning visitors, how many pages the average visitor views, how much time they spend on a page, your blog's bounce rate and a lot more!

2. SEMrush

With a total of 26 SEO tools, SEMrush provides an in-depth SEO analysis that helps you understand the SEO improvements you can make on your website including crawlability, click depth, backlinks audit, etc. The on-page SEO tools also help pinpoint improvements that can be made to your pages for better optimization such as adding meta descriptions and identifying duplicate pages. Its local SEO tool can enhance your site for local search, whereas the keyword research tool helps you find keywords that you must target. There are many more such tools you can use for your SEO strategy with SEMrush.

3. Ahrefs

Starting off as a backlink checker, today, Ahrefs is one of the best blogging tools when it comes to blog SEO strategies, with a deep focus on keyword research and competitor analysis. It has some of the most powerful tools used in blogging or small businesses such as content research, in-depth SEO analysis, keyword rank tracker, competitor research tool and on-page SEO analyzer. While they have many tools one might need for SEO strategy, they are best known for their backlink analysis tool. It offers you the flexibility to understand the root of your issue and solve it.

4. Search Munky

Search Munky is a free SEO checker that automates regular SEO activities like on-page SEO, backlink tracking, ranking analysis, and keyword research. It assists in enhancing the SERP ranking of a site by ensuring that only the most relevant traffic is directed to that site. A complete SEO analysis tool, it allows all the SEO tasks to take place within the same interface and on the same platform. You can get a comprehensive analysis of the quality and quantity of backlinks associated with your website and also your competitors'.

5. SE Ranking

An all-encompassing SEO software, SE Ranking has an SEO audit tool for analyzing the website's health, technical issues, on-page SEO issues, backlinks and domain authority. Apart from these tools, it also provides a keyword rank tracker, competitive research features, keyword research tool etc. After the analysis, it also provides you with a custom report builder for monitoring your SEO performance.

The 5 tools mentioned above are some of the best SEO tools for bloggers and small businesses that you must start utilizing in 2022. Using any one of these tools, you can modify your SEO strategy according to the results and implement beneficial changes as and when needed.