Off Page Seo Tips for Beginners | Search Munky

- Kaushal Mallya

Off page SEO. What does it mean? Think about it this way, SEO is of two types, on page and off page. On page SEO techniques are the techniques you use to optimize your website content such as keyword strategy, Alt tags etc. Here, it is all the other factors that play a part in your final SERP ranking, and how to optimize your brand's performance in them. The best SEO Analysis Tools can gauge off page SEO as well as on page with the right URL.

In this blog we will take you through different techniques you can use excluding the standard on page SEO optimization techniques to further boost your chances of ending up high on Google's Search Engine Result Pages.


Backlinks are essentially other websites giving your website credits through links. Referring to other pages in your blogs or forum posts can earn you backlinks. Make sure your backlinks are from credible sources, or Google's Spiders will catch on to it! SEO Tools can estimate the quality of your backlink sources and how likely that is to affect your overall ranking on SERPs. It also uses this information to crawl around for other similar websites which could be relevant to you, or to which your website could be useful so you can build link juice.


Make sure your presence on social media is booming! There is nothing that acts as a bigger catalyst of traffic for a brand than good social media marketing. Bear in mind all the segmentation options of target audience social media allows you to enforce so that your content reaches the perfect audience for your brand! Keep your content fresh, intelligent, resourceful and engaging. You can incorporate keywords that a free SEO analysis of your website through an SEO tool will provide you with. Engagement is key for off page SEO. Your ultimate objective is to drive traffic to your website and get business, for which your social media handles are the perfect landing page.


As important as it is for people to engage with your content across your social media handles, it is equally important for you to put yourself out there and engage with your audience yourself. If people talk to you or your brand directly, that is a big stamp of trust and approval. It tells them that you value their opinion and are approachable and trustworthy as a brand.


The more you post on specialized forums, the more you will gain an audience to your content. It is a linear graph. Your audience will increase with time, with your posting rate being constant. Keep it high. The more people think of you or your brand as a thought leader about a particular topic of debate or discussion, the more that will drive traffic to your website which you can link on the forums. Forum activity and interaction is also a sure-shot way to earn backlinks to your website!

Follow these points and you will be tearing up the off page SEO game in no time! Off page SEO acts as the perfect supplement to your on page ventures. Make sure you don't neglect it!