Important Techniques For On-page Seo | Search Munky

- Kaushal Mallya

On page SEO refers to the SEO techniques you employ and implement on your website. Just thought we'd clear that out in case you were wondering. Any website needs to be optimized thoroughly if it needs to achieve its objective of getting a high SERP rank. A high SERP rank corresponds to high visibility, and hence, higher traffic. A good SEO performance can be found out through an SEO checker that will serve as your guide to a good SERP result.

Now that you're familiar with what on-page SEO is, let us have a look at what techniques you can use for the same.


When your frequency of posting content on your website increases, the more active it will be, and the more frequently it will be crawled by the Google Spiders and indexed. Nobody, neither your audience nor Google Spiders like an inactive, dormant website.


The quality is as important as the frequency of your content uploads. They must be engaging and provide some utility to your audience, be it monetary, informative, or entertainment. Make sure you study your target audience and their demographics and psychographics thoroughly before developing a content strategy, and create content that caters to their taste and is sure to turn heads towards your website as. An SEO Audit Tool will give you ample info as to whether your content is relevant to the trending subjects and keywords related to your website.


Backlinks are links from your website to others, and vice versa. They are synonymous to credibility, and Google's metric to gauge whether a website is the real deal, and is backed by reliable sources. The more backlinks your website has, to and from other websites, the more trustworthy and credible your website is deemed to be, and hence, will have a higher chance of ending up higher on the SERPs. Make it a practice to cite sources and give credit to other pages where due to earn backlinks.


Keywords are a set of words that bear high relevance with your website and business, and you must know them by heart. Once you have done your research and built a list of relevant keywords, or consulted an SEO checker online for the same, you just need to incorporate these keywords into your communication and website content!


Alt tags describe images on your website, and often include links to other websites. This text helps Google index websites quicker and hence is high on Google's good books. This text aids Google's Spiders in their crawling process, consequently giving your website a higher chance of achieving a top Google SERP rank. In other words, your alt tags will determine whether your website ends up high up the "Images" section on a Google search.


Your website must be user-friendly and quick. There isn't a single user who will tolerate a slow and laggy website, or a website with no clear direction and a complex hierarchy of menus that leads nowhere. Make use of the best SEO checkers online that will give you a detailed analysis of the traffic being driven to your website, right from the page refresh rate to the people viewing your website, at any given instance.

Practice these on-page SEO tips and your website is sure to be at a high SERP ranking!