How Online Tools Help To Perform Technical SEO Audit | Search Munky

- Taniya Jain

To conduct an SEO audit on a website, you require the assistance of technology to analyze data, conduct research, validate code etc. The silver lining is that these tools do not put any burden on your SEO budget! There are many perfectly adequate SEO tools that are free and give you access to the same functions and data sources as paid ones.

Let us have look at these below-

1. Google Search Console:

This online platform has a variety of tools that can help you appear in the SERPs for the terms and phrases your target audience is searching for. If you own a business or have an SEO department in your marketing team, Search Console can aid you in conducting an initial SEO analysis from scratch or boost your existing SEO strategy with new keywords. It also keeps track of debugs and optimizes your website. Below are the elements that you can monitor through Google Search Console-

  • ➔ Keywords: Know about the keywords your web pages are ranking for currently.
  • ➔ Crawl Errors: Spot any crawl errors existing on your website.
  • ➔ Mobile Responsiveness: Understand whether your website is mobile-friendly and explore opportunities to enhance your user experience.

2. Bing Webmaster:

Microsoft Bing Webmaster has a host of tools that allow in-depth analysis of your website with aspects like reporting, diagnostics, and SEO tools. The SEO tools that are free to use on the platform can help you monitor your website, manage backlinks, and review keywords. Here are some of the other things this platform can perform-

  • ➔ See Backlink Profile: It helps you understand referring pages, domains, and anchor links.
  • ➔ Site Scanning Feature: Crawl your website and recognize technical SEO errors.
  • ➔ SEO Report: Examine any errors that are on your website and individual site pages.

3. Search Munky:

This platform automates regular SEO activities and offers some of the best SEO analysis tools. Activities like on-page SEO, backlink tracking, ranking analysis, and keyword research can be easily conducted through this platform. It helps in improving the SERP ranking of a website by making sure that only the most relevant traffic is directed to that site. It is an elaborate SEO analysis platform that allows you to carry out all the SEO tasks within the same interface and on the same platform. You can easily acquire an in-depth analysis of the quality and quantity of backlinks associated with any website and also their competitors'.

4. Google Trends:

Google Trends is a great platform when starting a new business venture to get an insight into the popular industry trends, topics, and ideas people are exploring. This website allows you to explore the untapped potential that can garner a large keyword landscape for your website. Like a compass, Google Trends sets a direction for your SEO strategy.