How does SEO checker help to get Ranking on SERP? | Search Munky

- Kaushal Mallya

The ultimate objective of SEO is to get a website into the limelight, by increasing its ranking on Google's result pages. We all know that. But how does it go about doing this? By taking over your website's SEO strategy of course!

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it is one of the most important techniques for website marketing and promotion. It involves manipulating and designing your website content in a manner that appeals to Google's SERP algorithm and makes it easy to index.

SEO has become so essential to the marketing process that there are several SEO tools that examine your website's or page's credibility and potential to be tracked by Google's notorious Spiders, the Web crawlers. Let’s have a look at how SEO Tools can elevate your website on Google's SERPs instantly!


Studying your competition is key to formulating a plan of action. There are several SEO checkers online that you can use to reap maximum rewards and put your resources to good use. Anything that works for your immediate rivals should also work for you. Why not implement these bits of information in your own success plan, when it's being handed to you on a platter?


Backlinks refer to the links from one website to another, usually citing them as references. It is a mark of the credibility of a website. That is, the more backlinks it has, the more reliable it is, and the higher a SERP (Search Engine Result Page) score your website is likely to get. An SEO checker analyses your backlinks and verifies their credibility and suitability.


Keyword strategy is what will attract your consumer base, and will help retain it. A thoughtful, well-designed keyword plan, will ensure that your content reaches the upper echelons of Google Result Pages. SEO Analysis Tools can create a plan for you, tailored to your brand and website. It takes into account how frequently there have been mentions of your keywords, how recently, and how many.


Every free website audit tool will provide you with a detailed report of your target audience based on competitive analysis and information that you provide, right from demographics, psychographics, and their respective search patterns and results. A quick audit will identify your niche, examine what appeals to them, and tell you how you should create your content.


SEO checkers can create a separation between you and your competitors if you know how to do it right. All it requires is a click of a few buttons, but implementing the ideas suggested to you along with adding your own creativity and twist is where the skill lies. It gives us all the raw materials in order to brainstorm and create content.

Your website will be packed with quality SEO after your SEO checker is done with implementing or suggesting a content revamp for you. Do this and watch your website appear as soon as you check for a relevant topic!