You can't afford to overlook these free SEO tools for website analysis | Search Munky

- Nirali Bhansali

Crawling, robots, sitemaps, and backlinks- all of these words sound like a totally different language, which seems intriguing from the outside, but on the inside, everything may appear to be a topsy turvy. Choosing the right SEO tools might sound like a job that is clear as mud. To make this process easier for you, glance through the free SEO analysis tools that will suit your SEO demands and assist you to develop your business. . Stay tuned!

Here are the best five SEO tools to cater to all your requirements

1. Bing Webmasters Tools
While Google Webmaster Tools wears the crown of glory, many people overlook Bing Webmaster, which offers a complete suite of website and search analytics. It allows you to keep track of your website's general health and see how your consumers are pursuing it. You may utilize tools and reports to discover the keywords that are driving traffic, look into the impressions and clicks associated with those terms. Webmasters can use its ‘Advanced filtering’ feature to swiftly scope the results in their website reports and focus on the information they need

2. Screaming Frog
Screaming Frog is the most prevalent desktop-based crawler available today. It is a crawler that aids in the advancement of your onsite SEO by extracting data and auditing for common SEO issues. Many people are unaware of the free version, which has a crawl limit of nearly 500 URLs. While not as feature-rich as the paid version, it is ideal for small projects and site audits.

3. Ubersuggest
At first, you might think Ubersuggest has something to do with the Uber app, don't get these two services mixed up. Previously, Ubersuggest was known as a keyword research tool for improving content marketing. However, currently, there are many updates that cater to a wide range of SEO requirements, such as the suggestion for similar words, its practicality, and monitoring competitor's content, which provide additional support to your research and planning.

4. Chrome DevTools
DevTools has a myriad of features and options to try and test. The sheer amount of SEO tasks one can complete with this tool for free is mind-boggling. Some of the best features, ranging from JavaScript auditing to On-Page SEO, are totally awesome. It is, however, an insanely comprehensive tool that provides a variety of features that most developers know they need but are unaware that DevTools provides them by default.

5. SEOQuake
SEOquake is arguably the most useful SEO toolbar in the market, and it comes with a litany of configuration options, allowing you to tailor it to your SEO needs. Aside from providing a great deal of information for each URL you visit, you can also handle routine on-page audits, compare domains, and transfer your data. The primary goal is to develop useful and user-friendly tools and technologies for SEM and SEO professionals.

Go through these free website audit tools to enhance your SEO performance. You can try them out now and thank us later.