Factors To Consider Before Starting Seo Audit | Search Munky

- Kaushal Mallya

Auditing is a part of SEO hygiene that is extremely important to monitoring your website progress. A free SEO analysis and you'll have information about your website that you can use to improve your SEO strategy and gain an advantage over your competitors.

However, before getting an SEO audit done, there are a few things you should bear in mind to make your task easier. These will smoothen the process of auditing and give your website auditing tool even ground to gauge the effectiveness of your website, and give you constructive feedback. Here they are:


Website Technicalities

The first thing you must keep in mind is avoiding crawl errors, and duplicate or faulty URLs, which affect Google's ability to index your web-pages and can affect its overall SEO score. The XML Sitemap can effectively ensure that your website is easy to crawl.

Website Navigability

The quicker and easier people find navigating your website to be, the better are your chances of getting a favorable response from both your SEO audit as well as your audience. A quick, minimal website is cash money. Nobody likes an unintelligible website with a complex hierarchy of menus.


Competitive Analysis

The best website analysis tools also allow you to conduct a thorough competitive analysis, right from relevant keywords to website structure and strategy. Keeping in touch with your competition ensures you don’t fall behind, and you can develop ideas and inspiration you get from their ventures as well.

Keyword Strategy

Keywords are the currency of SEO. Finding the right balance in keyword density and relevance is where the jackpot lies, and your SEO tool will guide you right to the gold. However, having a clear idea as to what your website goals are and the target audience you want to cater to is essential before you conduct an SEO audit of your website content.


Content Duplicacy

Watch out for this one. Duplicated content and plagiarism is a red flag for Google. Although your SEO tool will inform you of the presence of these anomalies, making sure you minimalize them whilst creating your website content helps a great deal.

Content Utility

Your content cannot be spam. It must provide utility of some sort to the audience, either through entertainment or information or both. Content that is just spammed with keywords with no context can easily by identified and flagged by SEO tools and hence by Google's algorithm.


The name says it all really. User Interface and User Experience. The more cultured and efficient these are, the better SEO score you will have on your audit report. Users prioritize a smooth interface over anything, and this is one of the most important boxes to check for your website strategy.

Broken Links

Backlinks earn you SEO credibility. However, make sure the links to and from your website are functional. You don't want that precious backlink from a reputable website going to waste!

These tips will help your SEO audit yield flawless results, and let you pass Google's eye test with flying colors!