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- Riston Rodrigues

The term "E-A-T" may sound familiar to our mouth and stomach, but it isn’t what you think it is! Talking about the term ‘EAT’ made us crave our mid-day meals. Anyway, so what exactly is E-A-T in SEO and why is it important? Is it something that will change the content on your website? Or is it something that will cause you to rethink your entire SEO strategy for your company? Any SEO professional might be aware of this term, but for those who are not, let us guide you towards the right direction!

Expertise, authority, and trustworthiness are abbreviated as E-A-T. It is one of many criteria Google employs to decide whether or not a piece of content is beneficial to readers and should be ranked highly. When it comes to search engines like Google, E-A-T is crucial. It assists the user to find the most relevant and trusted source available online. When you're looking for good morning/good night images on Google, E-A-T won't get involved, but when you're looking for useful information, such as the best hospital near you, it will.

When Google included the notion of E-A-T to their Search Quality Guidelines in 2014, it was the first time the term was mentioned. The evaluators of Google search quality were instructed to check:

  • ● The creator’s expertise
  • ● The authoritativeness that a creator, content, and the website holds
  • ● The overall website, content, and creator's trustworthiness factor
    • E-A-T may not have a direct impact on a website's ranking, but it can have an impact on the ranking of your content. It functions as a Google algorithm that determines what information is of high quality and how it should be ranked in search engine results pages.

      What Content Is Considered To Be Of High Quality?

      There are a lot of myths out there concerning high-quality content. Some believe that appealing photos, long form content, and heavy use of meta tags and header tags will help them grab users' attention. This may be true, but smothering your material with extra tags and photos can wreak havoc on your content, resulting in a low-ranking webpage in search engine results.

      Here are some quick insights about how you can create high-quality content for your website!

      • ● Keep Your Content Factually Correct
      • ● Update Your Content Every Now And Then
      • ● Get Some Positive Reviews
      • ● Build Links
      • ● Hire Content Experts

      If your content fulfills this criteria, then your webpage can be considered as “E-A-T-friendly”. In short, E-A-T is a factor in Google's search algorithm that works as a filter for webpages. It denotes that a page is of high quality, making it useful to visitors.

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