Benefits of Free SEO Tools To Make Your Website Popular | Search Munky

- Kaushal Mallya

Every brand puts their heart and soul into developing their own website and facilitating business through their website. They leave no stone unturned in the user interface so as to create a multifaceted user experience.

However, wouldn't it be a shame if all their hard work came to nought due to there being no traffic driven to the website? This is where SEO comes in. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it is one of the most important techniques for website content management. It primarily involves curating the content on your website in order to increase the likelihood of it appearing on Google's result pages.

SEO has become a mainstay in the website planning process, so much so that there are several SEO audit tools that examine your website's credibility and viability for a killer search engine score. Here are a few benefits that will have you sold on using SEO checkers to practice efficient SEO:

Competitive Analysis

There exist several FREE SEO checkers on the Internet that you can make use of to endless benefit. You can take a sneak peek into the depths of competitive analysis by studying the backlinks of your competition, the sources and credibility of these websites. Backlinks refer to the links from one website to another, usually citing them as references. The more credible the backlink sources, the higher of a SERP (Search Engine Result Page) score your website is likely to get. Studying your competitors and their SEO strategies will give you the upper hand in planning and building your own combative strategy.

Keyword Research

If SEO is a safehouse, keyword strategy is the cement. Without a well thought out keyword plan, your website content will not be engineered with its best interests with regards to its Google ranking in mind. With respect to this, SEO Tools can create a plan for you, based on your brand and website information. Relevance, recency and popularity are three of the factors it takes into consideration to put together a foolproof strategy for the benefit of your website.

Target Demographic

Another benefit of SEO Tools is that your target segment, right from the demographics, psychographics and their Google search patterns is well defined and documented for you in a well compiled list. These tools essentially lay out your perfect target audience based on their database of similar brands and their target audience research. You don't need to spend any more time poring over boring documents containing the purchasing trends of diversely aged people!

Saves time and money

These core SEO functions can be performed manually, such as keyword research and competitor analysis, at the expense of time and planning budget. The benefit of SEO Tools is that you can leave every aspect of the strategy to the algorithm and get good results, whilst saving hours and hours of pondering, and a pretty penny!

Trust us, use SEO Tools and watch your business productivity increase exponentially!