Bad SEO Practices That You Must Avoid | Search Munky

- Taniya Jain

Practices that are outdated, immoral, or fall outside the boundaries set by Google webmaster guidelines are considered bad and can be called Bad SEO or SEO errors. While SEO is all about optimizing your website for search engines, bad SEO can do the opposite and hamper your rankings.

In this blog, we will explore some of these SEO errors that you must avoid.

Duplicate Content:

To create SEO-friendly content, the first thing to ensure is that your content is original and unique. Publishing duplicate content on your website will negatively impact your website ranking and is bad SEO. The main reason is that if search engines already have the same content in their index, there is no reason to index your webpage as it has nothing new and unique to offer. Regardless, if you need to publish duplicate content on your website because it has some useful information for the readers, you can 'no index and no follow' those pages so it does not affect your SEO. Nowadays, there are many free website SEO audit sites available that can help you identify duplicate content and rectify it.

Keyword Stuffing:

Using the same keywords over and over again, not because they are adding value to your text but because you want to bulk up your content, is a major SEO error. Not only it will discourage your viewers from reading or engaging with your content but it is also a sign for search engines that you are trying to manipulate their algorithms.

Guest Posting For Links:

Many people insist that a secure and safe way to get backlinks to your website is through guest posting. And while this is a great way to do that, if done carelessly and inaccurately, can cause some serious damage to your rankings. You can get posts on high-quality websites related to your category, not to get a link, but for gaining more exposure and recognition.

Paid Links:

Establishing a successful website or a blog takes a lot of time, patience, and effort to create original content and acquire those valuable natural backlinks. If you choose to take the shortcut instead of this long road, you might get success at the beginning, but soon enough, you will falter. Buying links of any kind is a bad SEO practice that Google will sanction sooner or later, and you will end up losing your rankings. You might have to start all over again and try even harder to establish something worthwhile online.

Slow Or Unavailable Websites:

The ideal loading speed of a website is less than 4 to 5 seconds and it should be available 24x7. Anything that does not follow these two rules, is a bad SEO practice that can adversely affect your website rankings. A good hosting provider is essential for having 24x7 availability and there are many modern software that can aid you in building fast websites with minimum loading time.

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