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Advantages & Disadvantages of Buying links for off-page SEO | Search Munky

- Kaushal Mallya

Backlinks. They are such an important component of a website in terms of both word of mouth and to appease the Google algorithm. Backlinks are links to a particular website from another website through an article, mention etc. It is a hallmark of credibility, and the more credible the website that the backlink is from, the more credible your website becomes in turn. SEO checkers online can easily tell the viability of any backlink through a simple free website SEO audit.


This is why backlinks are so highly sought after by any SEO practitioner. So much so, in fact, that a lot are willing to pay to procure these backlinks. This action is flagged by Google and is punishable. However, that hasn't deterred some users from using this tactic to achieve their SEO goals quicker. Let us look at the disadvantages and even some advantages that buying backlinks can bring.

Advantages -

Immediate SERP and traffic growth

Needless to say, buying a backlink will get you traffic to your website, proportionate to what the backlink is worth, quickly. However that isn't to say that this is a foolproof strategy. Backlinks need careful consideration and budget determination to choose the right site to buy one from. Backlinks exponentially elevate a website's status in Google's eyes, and boost it up the SERPs, which will lead to traffic growth subsequently.


Effective launchpad for safer activity

Once your short term goals for traffic and SERP have been reached, you can go heavy with more orthodox techniques and approach to maintain this position that you have attained. It serves as a springboard for your future, white hat SEO strategy. Usually brands that opt to use this strategy have a deadline or immediate requirement for engagement and traffic.

Disadvantages -

Easier to buy means low reliability

The more readily a website is willing to be paid for a referral backlink, the less valuable it is. What's more, people have also been empowered to report a fake backlink if they suspect one to be so. A non-credible backlink does more harm than good to your website, as a negative reputation can taint your website's image, not to mention that they will drain your pockets! Even SEO checkers online will detect a weak or unreliable backlink.


Possibility to be blacklisted by Google

If someone blows the whistle on your website, Google will take notice and then the repercussions can be severe. Your website will be demoted several places, or might just not appear on the SERPs. The cons far outweigh the pros, if hastily performed. Once your website is blacklisted by Google, it is highly unlikely that they will withdraw their restrictions. In this case, prevention is always better than cure.

Obsolete, through content marketing

The advent of content marketing, keyword strategy, free website SEO auditing and on page SEO has made this method obsolete, risky and has put it out of practice. It is safer and wiser to use more conventional means to attract traffic onto your website, no matter how lucrative backlinks may be.

It is inadvisable to follow this strategy, all things being considered. Hope this blog could help you come to a conclusion about this strategy. Always remember, when in doubt, play it safe. Slow and steady always wins the race!