5 Ways To Build An Effective SEO Strategy | Search Munky

- Taniya Jain

An SEO strategy sometimes referred to as the SEO approach, is the method of planning and implementing the steps required to enhance organic search engine rankings. It is a result-oriented approach that you carry out to achieve your SEO goals. By adopting an effective SEO strategy, you can boost your website's organic traffic and your business every month.
Below are some of the steps with which you can build an effective SEO strategy-

Create A List Of Keywords:

Keyword research is the first step to building an effective SEO strategy. And one of the best ways to find keywords that your target market searches for is Google Suggest. Start typing a word in Google's search field and it will list down multiple suggestions. They generally are including-worthy keywords as they come straight from Google. The long-tail keywords are less competitive than short-tail keywords. So, despite having a low search volume, the chances of them ranking are high. You can also check out the search volume and competition levels of your selected keywords through Search Munky, a free SEO checker.

Inspect Google's First Page:

After finding a list of relevant keywords, it's time to see which websites already rank for those keywords. To do that, type one of the keywords you found in Google's search field. Scan the top 10 results and be mindful of the pattern that you notice. Generally, the top results consist of a listicle. Hence, if you wish to cover that topic on your website, you probably need to do the same.

Create Something Unique:

Now, it's time to create distinguished high-quality content. When creating content for a search topic that is already quite cluttered, you need to stand out. Create content that is completely different from the present content. Address an existing problem with a solution that is easy to comprehend and engaging to read.

Focus On Content Design:

Content design is the most underrated part of content marketing. You might have written the most unique content but if it looks plain and simple, it won't get much traction. Invest time and money in content design. You can include visually appealing content designs. The four simple visuals that you can use in your content are:-

  • 1. Graphs and Charts - Graphs and charts simplify the data, and amplify the impact. Also, people use your charts in their blog posts and give you the credit for it.
  • 2. Screenshots and Pictures - Using screenshots when explaining a technical aspect or step-by-step guide makes it easier for the audience to understand.
  • 3. Blog Post Banners - Though blog post banners don't serve any particular purpose, they are visually appealing and attractive to look at.
  • 4. Graphics and Visualization - These are similar to graphs, but instead of showcasing data, they showcase concepts.

Enhance And Update Your Content:

Like it is essential to keep ourselves updated with the latest news around the world, our content on the web needs the same kind of updating. With something new being introduced every other day, it is imperative that our content addresses the new problems and provides its solution to the target audience. For example, if you have written a blog post '7 Must-Include SEO Trends In Your Strategy', you can tweak the content to make it more relevant to the current times. You can change the title to '7 Must-Include SEO Trends In Your STrategy For 2022' and include relevant screenshots, charts, infographics, etc.