5 SEO Trends To Follow in 2022 | Search Munky

- Taniya Jain

The SEO industry is unpredictable and keeps on transforming from time to time. New SEO practices are introduced every year that can help businesses scale new heights. There is so much going on in the SEO world, and every business wants to be at the forefront to ensure that its search rankings are on top.

Let us look at the top 5 SEO trends that one must follow in 2022 are-

Focus On User Intent + Search Intent:

Search intent of the query and user intent of the audience will be the primary focus in 2022. Search intent and the behavior of the audience are the two ever-changing variables. When brands or businesses grasp what the users are searching for and provide a solution for their queries, then they too benefit from it along with the audience. Keeping a track of the search intent allows the brands or businesses to create content that the online audience is interested in consuming.

Localization Of SEO:

It is believed that local businesses will garner more traction from Google as there is a definite push towards localized search results. Generating quality reviews on Google My Business and any other verified review platforms can help you with this. Country-specific and local businesses have greatly benefited from search results instead of global entities due to the localization of SEO. This indicates that search engines want to showcase results that are actually useful for the audience. In 2022, websites wishing to target local audiences must include the name of the city, state, or country so that search engines rank your website higher.

Focus On Mobile SEO:

Making sure that your website performs efficiently for mobile devices is something that should be focused on in 2022. Mobile device user experience will be a huge driving force in Google rankings. Keep the website design simple and personalize your website content according to your users. Eventually, Google will completely focus on your mobile site to determine your rankings.

Long-Format Content:

One trend that will help you surpass your competitors in 2022 is publishing long-form and useful content on your website. The content should follow the E.A.T (expertise, authoritative, and trustworthiness) guidelines and should be 2000-word long or more. You must also ensure that the content is not duplicated and is 100% original.

Video SEO:

It's no secret that video marketing is scaling upwards with each year that passes. YouTube has a billion users every year, and they are spending more time on the platform than ever before. But as the platform grows, the more competitive and crowded it becomes. So, for your videos to be found on Google, optimizing your video content is imperative. The simplest way to find keywords for videos is using YouTube's autocomplete feature.

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